Karen From Finance is the premiere ‘corporate’ queen of Melbourne, Australia. She lives alone with her budgie ‘Dantè’ and enjoys tax time, office-based bonding activities, and invoice archiving.


After being made redundant from the accounts team at a small pie wholesaler in Geelong, Karen From Finance has since moved to the big smoke to become a real team player here in Melbourne. Make her feel welcome! CC her in on an email. Heck, BCC her if you must! Karen From Finance will always Reply To All. Specialising in BAS statements, Payroll Systems, and Accounts Payable, Karen From Finance takes her role in your office very seriously. She will not leave a Manilla folder unturned. Board meeting? No worries! Karen has your minutes taken! The office fridge will never run out of milk, not with Karen From Finance around. Karen celebrates her New Years on July 1st each year and isn’t shy of the odd Friday night after-work drink with the ladies. Her weaknesses include the ATO, Revolver, cute temps from the Agency and conjoined paper clips. So long as you don’t pinch her stapler without asking, Karen From Finance really is a good time gal. Take your chats further than the water cooler and buy her a stiff drink. You never know – she could be the one to help you out with your next promotion!!


Karen From Finance recently placed as one of the top 4 finalists in the reality-tv hit show RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under which took to international airways in May 2021. Karen is currently touring her award-winning debut solo comedy ‘Out Of Office’ to raving audiences all around Australia and New Zealand. She has toured the world as a solo artist, headlining tours around Australia, New Zealand and the UK, as well as headlining shows around the US, and she also found success touring and fronting the cult cabaret sensation ‘Yummy’ which saw the group performing highly acclaimed shows throughout Australia, New Zealand, London as well as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.